Mission and Beliefs

Mission Statement  


To provide a safe, respectful, learning that prepares students with college and/or career-ready skills, promotes life-long learning, and develops responsible members of our community.



  • All Students can learn.
  • All students have diverse learning needs.
  • All stakeholders must support the learning process through a collaborative effort to meet students' diverse needs.
  • High expectations increase student learning and performance.



  • We will maintain high expectations and promote academic excellence for all students.
  • We will strive to promote  and develop students who communicate effectively and are productive workers.
  • We will create and support a school environment in which all children and adults feel welcomed, respected, trusted, important to the school, and where we can learn together.
  • We will foster a positive school climate of a caring community, which respects and values diversity and nurtures everyone's self-esteem.